Made special just for you.
When we thought about selling our map as art, we knew we didn’t want to offer just one standard map. We wanted to offer enough color combinations that any pirate could find a few they’d fancy adding to their hideout.
As you might imagine—given all the possible combinations of colors, product types, and sizes—there is no warehouse where all of these items are pre-made, sitting idly, waiting to be bought. Nope, we only have an item manufactured if you’ve ordered it.
Like any customized art—or customized sneakers for that matter—because we  manufacture each item individually for your specific color, product type, and size preferences, it would not be feasible to accept returns or exchanges.
Of course:
if there is ever a defect in a product,
do not hesitate to reach out to us.
We’ll get all the necessary information from you (be sure to take pictures). Then we’ll reach out to the manufacturer to see how we can make it right.