Origins: Sapphire Seas


Gilded islands float atop undulating sapphire seas. Feel the deep blue calling yer blackened pirate soul.
Photo Finish
Hold in yer hands the map to the wondrous world ye be explorin’! These be museum-quality posters—printed with archival paper and ink. Aye, printed on Epson Ultra Premium Luster Photo Paper, the finish be be slightly glossy—somewhere between a matte and a gloss finish.
These also be fingerprint resistant—though there be no promises anythin’ can be “fingerprint proof” to yer weathered pirate hands. No need to abandon yer captain’s wheel to see where ye be headed. Unfurl yer map, and unfurl yer sails!
Pirates, ye be warned:
At this time, this photo finish map be made only in the United States. Aye, ye can ship it to another country, but ye might be facin’ some scalawags askin’ ye fer a customs charge when it arrives. There be 195 countries in the world. So, we’ll not be listin’ all possible customs charges here. But if ye be shippin’ outside the United States, and if ye be uncertain of yer shipping destination’s customs charges, ye might do a little search before ye buy.

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