Forsaken: Dark Hearts


A treasure map unveils the path to yer deepest desires—even if buried deep within yer blackened piratical soul.
Matte Finish
Deck yer hull with adventure! These be matte, museum-quality posters, printed on durable, archival paper. Aye, these matte beauties be lookin’ and feelin’ almost velvety.
Aye, but these be not fingerprint resistant. So—if ye be wantin’ a pristine map—ye might not want to be touchin’ this one too much. No need to abandon yer captain’s wheel to see where ye be headed. Unfurl yer map, and unfurl yer sails!
Take Out yer Pocket Watch
This be a time limited map, conjured only until March 10th. Then, it be vanishin’ into the depths of the sea…

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