Damned Reapers: Legends at Sea


Islands glow teal against a mystical sea. Ships bearin’ these colors signal there be a pirate legend aboard—or at least a pirate rankin’ top in the order of souls! Aye, matey, these be the colors of Rogue Seadog and Legendary ships. Imagine the Order of Souls gazing upon this gem—ye can almost feel their covetous eyes.
Matte Finish
Deck yer hull with adventure! These be matte, museum-quality posters, printed on durable, archival paper. Aye, these matte beauties be lookin’ and feelin’ almost velvety.
Aye, but these be not fingerprint resistant. So—if ye be wantin’ a pristine map—ye might not want to be touchin’ this one too much. No need to abandon yer captain’s wheel to see where ye be headed. Unfurl yer map, and unfurl yer sails!