Yo ho ho, me hearties!

Here be a little message in a bottle,
welcoming ye to the outpost.
Click the bottle to be Welcomed
Scroll to find the Treasure ye Seek
At long last,
here be a map that serves as a handy reference and
No need to abandon yer captain's wheel to see where ye be headed.
Ye can adorn yer pirate lair with museum-quality posters, printed on durable, archival paper.

Keep a weather eye...

we be offerin' three different maps fer each color.

This be a map of the seas as we knew them when we first set sail. It includes the first three regions: Shores of Plenty, Ancient Isles, and the Wilds.
This be a map of the seas after our horizons expanded for the very first time with Forsaken Shores. Adding to the original three, this map includes The Devil's Roar.
Damned Reapers
This be a map of the seas after dark forces began to rise. An uncharted island became The Reaper's Hideout, and Old Boot Fort became the Fort of the Damned.

Click on the colors that be callin' yer pirate heart...

Color Considerations
Color Considerations
As responsible rapscallions, as we set up shop, we be orderin' the maps ourselves―makin' sure they be shipshape. Aye, they be beauties.
Arr, but when comparin' the colors to the screen we thought mayhaps our eyes be playin' tricks on us. The colors seemed to shift ever so slightly dependin' on the light in the room, or color of the wall.
Then―without any grog at all, we swear―we noticed the colors online seemed to be morphin' right before our eyes with each different screen, device, and browser. Blimey!
The changes be slight―ye should never be orderin' a red map and getting' a blue one. The map in yer hand just might be a tad bit different than the color on yer screen, savvy? Aye, but adornin' the walls of yer pirate lair, there be no finer sight!
Shipping Considerations
Shipping Considerations
As ye might imagine―given all the possible combinations of colors, product types, and sizes―there be no warehouse where all of these items be pre-made, sitting idly, waitin' to be bought. No, an item only be crafted after ye order it.
Aye―like any fine bespoke creation―this means there be the time to create the object ye desire, then the time to ship it to yer door.
Legend has it that the time to create yer item be somewhere between 2-5 business days. So, whatever ye select fer yer shipping at checkout―if ye be needin' yer map by a particular day―be sure to tack on that time fer good measure.